Our Story

About Us

PT. BERSAMA JAYA SUKSES was established in early 2011 with the concept of business is as a contractor in the field of design, fabrication and general parts supply.

PT. BERSAMA JAYA SUKSES open ourselves to develop the scope of its business is to be : General Contractor, Fabrication, Civil, Mechanical and electrical, and others as well as providers.

With the motto “ONE STOP FOR YOUR BUSINESS”, in order  to be well embedded in the minds of all those involved in the business PT.BERSAMA JAYA SUKSES, that  PT.BERSAMA JAYA SUKSES is a company that can support all of its customers to gain efficiency and optimization.


Always maintain a commitment to providing customer satisfaction with attention to quality, price and time jobs on every project undertaken.


Became a private company in the industry leading General Contractor and public providers. Provide welfare to employees, management, other stakeholders throught a commitment to good corporate governance.